About Us

Est. 2019, we deliver Medical-Grade CBD Oil and CBD Products to your door.

All our CBD Oil and CBD Products are UK Certified.

We buy our CBD Oil direct from our UK manufacturer and so our purchase costs are low, we pass those saving onto you which is why our prices are so low.

We are are highly knowledgeable about the products we sell. If you have any questions please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide help and assistance.

Our Story

Established in September 2019 by Doctor Shaun Marrison BSc (UEA) PhD, it was his Mum who got us started as she first wanted to try CBD for her arthritis. After years of working at the Hall School in Norwich, Mum had arthritis in her neck and shoulder. She could no longer lift a handbag onto her shoulder and was unable to drive as she could not operate the gear stick. She had the usual Cortisone injections which worked for about 6 months. Then she had the nerve endings burned to try and stop the pain. Again, this worked for a few months, but the pain and stiffness soon returned. After hearing about CBD, she called me and asked me about it. To be honest, I wasn't that hopeful that it would work as there were some "too good to be true" stories out there. However, I found a UK manufacturer of Medical-Grade CBD and purchased some CBD Capsules for her to try. Just 2 days after giving them to her, she called me to say she was in Tesco's car park and had driven there no problem...you could have knocked me down with a feather! Then 2 week later she called again, complaining she was in agony. I immediately said that it was the placebo-effect, but she replied "No, Dad was busy cutting the lawn and I dug up the patio slabs and carried them all down the end of the garden - I've pulled a muscle in my stomach!" Going from not being able to lift a handbag onto your shoulder to lifting patio slabs was absolutely amazing.

Mum told her friends about how the CBD had worked for her, and soon they wanted some too. Then some of my running friends wanted some, so it seemed only natural to start a website to reach more people with our Medical-Grade CBD, the website was launched in September 2019.

The rest, as they say, is history. As we reach more and more customers, we are overwhelmed by the texts, emails and calls from customers telling us how CBD has made massive changes to their lives. It's such an amazing, heart-warming feeling knowing we've helped so many people and continue to do so as more people learn about and try CBD.

Dr Shaun Marrison BSc (UEA), PhD
My Degree and Doctorate are in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, I am not a GP.